When David Met Marie
"When David met Marie" and "One cheesecake at a time" are two episodes documenting David Kestin and Marie Constantinesco's newfound friendship. They were created as part of the weekly directing exercises for the Tisch School of the Arts.
The former was a preparation for the Documentary project, completed in January 2011. The latter was made in September 2012.

Part I: DJ/Rapper David Kestin teaches eccentric French girl Marie how to skateboard. The beginning of an ultimate love story.

Part II: One year later... David comes over to Marie's house for some homemade risotto and cheesecake. The tables are now turned and David is now the student.

Marie and David later collaborated on other projects, including Kestin's "The Air Mattress" and most recently, "Open House", in which they both starred. You can't deny chemistry.